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Competitive Programming Essentials

Introduction to DSA and Competitive Programming from scratch using C++. Assignments and resources will be provided after each session to have a grip on the SMP. At last, one coding test will be conducted and students are graded according to both assignments and the coding test..
Mentors: Kowshic V, Raunak Somani and Chirag R
Course Curriculum

Danger Eliminated!

To introduce the mentees to the domains of Cryptography, Cyber Security, Networking et cetera..
Mentors: Pooja Gayathri Kanala, Pratik Jallan and Ansh Bindlish
Course Curriculum

MERN Stack Front to Back

Basic Introduction to MERN Stack..
Mentors: Attada Ramprasad, Pragya Kiran and Dinesh Choudhari
Course Curriculum

Machine Learning 101 with Python

To introduce students to the foundations of machine learning.
Mentors: Rakshith Jain, MB Sai Aditya and Kishan Bhandarkavate
Course Curriculum

Mimic Human Thinking

To introduce mentees to the foundations of Deep learning with python using keras and tensorflow.
Mentors: Chekuri Venkata Sunil Kumar, Meghana G S and Gaurav Kumar
Course Curriculum


Transformers and Phasors

This SMP is designed to give a fundamental idea on the electrical machines. In this SMP we will be taking sessions on Phasors and Transformers . Phasors basically coverts mechanical power into electrical form and feeds it into the power network. And on the most important reasons for which we use phasors is because it turns the problem of differentiation and integration to an algebraic problem. Besides phasors we will be talking on transformers which actually help improve safety and efficiency of power system by raising and lowering voltage levels as and when needed.
Mentors: venkatesh naik ajmeera, Kancharla Lekha and Shuvro Ghosh
Course Curriculum

0s and 1s

To introduce students to digital electronics and verilog..
Mentors: Brahmadevara Vivek Krishna, Sanapathi Sirisha and Dinesh Choudhari
Course Curriculum

Infinite Input Impedance

This SMP is designed to give a first-hand exposure to the world of Analog electronics, with major emphasis on the types of Op-Amps and their features. The SMP will also offer a descriptive analysis of the crucial fundamentals that serve as the building blocks of Analog electronics. .
Mentors: Mudavath Puja Chowhan, Vamsi Krishna Mandem and Rehan Nasar
Course Curriculum


MATLAB ka matlab?

Learn the basics of set up, solve and visualize the results of a modal simulation in Simulink..
Mentors: Pragyanshree Sahoo, Yash Jangid and Amresh Prajapati
Course Curriculum

Get MAD with AutoCAD

Real world applications of AutoCAD include architecture, sculpture, house design, interior design, industrial plants. All the basic level modelling operations will be discussed.
Mentors: S Saiteja reddy, D.Chaitanya lakshmi and Rachana P J
Course Curriculum

No Confusion with Fusion

Fusion 360 is a cloud-based CAD/CAM/CAE platform that can connect the entire product development process. To learn the basics of modeling and analyzing model simulations using Fusion 360..
Mentors: Mayur Belle, Thurukula Partheesh, Amrith Raj and AKSHAT KUMAR
Course Curriculum

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SMP 2022 FAQ

2022 SMP FAQs and Details

Q: What are the benefits of completing the SMP?

A: Official certificates will be given for each SMP that you complete. Also, you would not have to sit for 1st round of Club recruitment and would be directly shortlisted. Plus you’ll gain hands on knowledge on the SMP you take .You'll also get to interact with seniors in the same field of interest.

Q : When will the program begin?

A : Tentatively from 4th week of May.

Q : Can people from other colleges attend the SMP?

A : Of course yes. Power is gained by sharing knowledge and not by hoarding it.

Q : Which years can take SMP?

A : Mainly it is meant for 1st and 2nd years but 3rd and 4th years can take part as well :)

Q : What are the prerequisites for the SMP?

A : No prerequisites as such. Our mentors would be starting from level zero.

Q : Is there a limit to the number of SMPs one can take?

A : No limit! But we would recommend not taking up more than 3 to avoid overburdening, which would suck out the fun !!

Q : How to register for the SMP?

A : Fill up the registration form that is available on our official iet nitk website.

Q: What is the deadline for registration?

A : 11:59 PM, 22nd May'22

Q : Where will the sessions take place?

A : Will be held in online mode. Can take place over GMeet or MS Teams depending upon the platform.

Q : What is the criteria to get the certificate?

A : You will have to attend majority of the sessions (minimum 75%) and complete an assessment given at the end in order to get the certificate.

Q : Will SMP clash with other academic commitments?

A : SMPs are scheduled in such a way that there will be no clashes with your routine classes.

Q : Is it necessary that we should apply to the smp concerned with our branch?

A : No,each smp is open to students of all the branches. You can join any smp of your interest.

All the resources will be shared with the participants regularly on a common group preferably whatsapp or over their mails.

For further details, contact :

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  • Akhil Reddy(+91 6363135553)
  • Santhoshini(+91 9912141259)

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