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Thermal Analysis of Disc Brakes

Disc brake is used to reduce the speed or stop the motion of the vehicle. During this process heat is generated which may lead to failure and damage of the disc brake. In this project, we have tried to design two different models of disc brake based on the literature available. Then the steady state thermal analysis was carried out using Ansys. From this we can get to know about the heat dissipation in the two disc brakes and can come to a conclusion about which one is better.

FEA and CFD Analysis of Wind Turbine Blade

Wind blades play a significant role in determining a wind turbine's efficiency. Although the theoretical maximum efficiency a wind turbine can achieve is 59% with proper designing of airfoils and blades, we can obtain efficiency close to 59 percent. This project mainly focuses on analyzing a real-life engineering problem on stresses and deformations caused by aerodynamic forces acting on a wind turbine's blades by performing CFD and FEA analysis.

Blood Flow through stents in Artery

The study mainly focuses on CFD analysis of blood flow through stents, placed in an artery. Using CFD analysis, the phenomena of blood flow through a artery was done and recirculation of blood was found. Upon further analysis, stents were found to be the best solution to this problem and hence, a structural analysis of stent during its insertion into the artery was conducted using ANSYS.

Net Zero Energy Building

The Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) platform is a one-stop shop to learn about NZEB fundamentals, build alliances with professionals and organizations, find inspiration from case studies, explore the latest technology/policies/ideas and everything NZEB. India emerges as a global leader for energy efficiency and renewable energy integration in buildings, with a thriving market and conducive policy environment for NZEBs.

Jigsaw Puzzle Solver

The goal was to create a code where you input the pieces of any standard piece jigsaw puzzle, and the system solves the jigsaw automatically.We made use of computer vision (openCV) and basic image processing to solve the problem statement.The code is written in python and we used Jupyter notebook for running and evaluating the code

NACA 0012 Airfoil

In our project we aims to analyse the NACA 0012 airfoil. In the presence of high velocity wind and turbulance we aims to see effect of velocity and pressure on airfoil. With the help of velocity contour, pressure contour and turbulent kinetic energy contour we will analyse 2D airfoil. Here we have taken all data in standard form as given by NASA for example rynolds number, viscosity cooficient, density and angle of attack for airfoil.

Rice Transporting Machine

The project aims at optimizing the transplanting mechanism of the Rice Transplanter, to get a better yield. This is done by optimising the four-bar linkage with the help of MATLAB. The CAD drawings of the parts were made using CATIA.

CFD Analysis of Dimpled Wing of an Aircraft

The main objective of aircraft aerodynamics is to enhance the aerodynamic characteristics and maneuverability of the aircraft. This enhancement includes the reduction in drag and stall phenomenon. The dimpled airfoil has comparatively lesser drag as compared to plain airfoil. Introducing dimples on the aircraft wing will create turbulence by creating vortices which delays the boundary layer separation resulting in decrease of pressure drag and also increase in the angle of stall. In addition, wake reduction leads to reduction in acoustic emission. The objective is to improve the aircraft maneuverability by delaying the flow separation point at stall and thereby reducing the drag by applying the dimple effect over the aircraft wing. A computational analysis has done to know the dimple effect on aircraft wing

MHD Propelled Boat

Plasma Physics is not only applicable to earths core and the sun but did you ever wonder that it can propel a boat as a clear energy source of energy. Here we worked on an MHD (Magnetohydrodynamics) boat. An innovation for the future. The basic equations of plasma physics are analysed . Complex CFD simulations alongside a prototype is proposed for MHD boats.

Rubiks Cube Solver

It solves for any colour pattern. It has an arm and a rotating base.The mechanical arm flips the cube