Cipher SIG brings together people interested in Computer Science and Information Technology.

Tic-Tac-Toe AI Player


A real time chat bot is developed to answer queries related to IET.

Face Mask Detector

Detects that a person is wearing mask or not.

OCR for Handwritten Text

An API powered by a neural network model trained to recognize handwritten text from images

Experiencing Homes in VR

A computer vision and deep learning based project that enables the user to try on spectacles, watches and other accessories virtually.

Face to Emoji

An emotion classifier that uses Resnet model it predicts 7 different emotions and according to that displays the appropriate emoji

Music Generation using Deep Learning

Generating music using deep learning architectures such as RNNs (Recurrent Neural Networks) and GANs (Generative adversial networks) that have been trained on datasets containing traditional songs.

Currency Analyzer

To build a model to identify and classify Indian Currency bills into 10 Rs note, 20 Rs note, 50 Rs note and so on. The model will be built using convolutional neural networks and image processing techniques.

SC Voting App

Web application for Students' Council Election.This web application let's the voting mechanism of the current student council election to go entirely online.