Projects @ IET NITK

We do many projects throughtout the year, here's a glimpse of it all

Equation Solver

Train a deep learning model to recognise handwritten equations from images and then give the result after solving the equations.

Built by Dolly Gupta, Lalit Nagar, MB Sai Aditya and Rachana P J

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YouTube Transcript Summarizer

Built by Suyash Satish Chintawar, Feyaz Baker, Venkat Rohit Merugu, Naveen Kumar, Gaurav Kumar and Sahana

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Audio Fingerprinting

An Audio fingerprint is a collection of the hash tags, or signatures, of a song’s samples. They measure which frequencies in each sample are the strongest frequencies in each sample. These audio fingerprint helps to identify the song from the database.

Built by Attada Ramprasad, Pooja Gayathri Kanala, Sharuf Baig and K Snehith Bhagavan

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Audio to Sign Language Translator

We build an ML based tool that converts audio to sign language. Conversion of audio to ISL helps the common folks to interact with people with such disabilities without the language barrier, enriching both of their lives.

Built by Ansh Bindlish, Jagan Babu Korra, K Sriram, Kowshic V and Vaishnavi Prakash Kalgutkar

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Sudoku Solver

Built by Monika Agarwal, Verupaka Yashwanth Reddy, Adith Shekhar Gatty, Pragya Kiran and Raunak Somani

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Real time writing with fingers on web camera screen

This application can be used for quick explanations during meetings or maybe online education. Plus, it is fun just to chill back and engage with the project itself.

Built by Pratik Jallan, Krishna Poojitha Vantakula, Mohammed Ibrahim, Rajan Jaiswal and Amal Majunu Vidya

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Design and Analysis of Baja Roll cage

3 different models are designed using Catia and are analyzed using Ansys workbench for determining strength enough to sustain any impact and protect the driver and other vehicle components.

Built by Naveen Patidar, Pragyanshree Sahoo and Thurukula Partheesh

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Business Resurrection Case Study

A brand has taken over an industry sector to such an extent that you name the product and the brand has almost become synonymous. Think of the product and the first thing that will come to your mind will surely be this brand! Can such a brand enter another industry sector and fare well in it? Or would it be disastrous? We deal with this question and the challenges that come along with it. Taking the example of the unsuccessful venture of Colgate-Palmolive, popularly known as Colgate, into the frozen-food industry, we look at what went wrong and what could be done differently if we were to give it another shot in the present times. We attempt to relaunch the product in the current market scenario. We look at the Indian frozen-food industry and analyse the same to devise a strategy wherein Colgate-Palmolive could run a successful business in the industry. 

Built by Naveen Patidar

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Experiencing Homes in VR

A computer vision and deep learning based project that enables the user to try on spectacles, watches and other accessories virtually.

Built by Sachin Pandey, Verupaka Yashwanth Reddy, Gaurav Chaurasia, Sowmya G, Krishna Poojitha Vantakula, Marmik Mundada and Rhevanth M

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Piezoelectric Shoes

A piezoelectric generator is placed in the shoe. The power that is generated by piezoelectric generator when a person walks is transferred to the device by using a mid-range wireless power transfer (WPT) which is a Resonance coupling technique

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