CommitCon: Git and Open Source

Have you ever wondered, how thousands of developers work and manage a large codebase?

That's why, IET NITK plans to hold global KEP for Git and Open Source, chaired by Rajan Jaiswal (GSoC 2021 with CCExtractor), Aashish Janaswamy, and Aakash Chandra. The event would span for three days, and we would hold a 1.5 hours Youtube Live every day from 6th to 9th June.

It is designed to provide a complete knowledge of the version control system and its importance in the development life cycle, how it can be efficiently used to manage large codebases

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Session 1
Session 2
  • By Aashish Janaswamy, 7'th June, 6:00 PM on Youtube Live
  • A medium-level dive into Git and Git commands. We'll cover the most commonly used Git commands here, as well as an introduction to GitHub.
  • Please have a Github account created before the session begins.
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Session 3
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Last updated on June 8th, 2021

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