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Mumbai Dabbawalas

mumbai dabbawalas

By  Suhas Reddy and Raj Raushan Singh
March 30th, 2022

125 years old system that feeds Mumbai

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Entry to the Metaverse: A Virtual World

entry to the metaverse: a virtual world

Entry to the Metaverse: A Virtual World

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The First Microprocessor: Intel 4004

the first microprocessor: intel 4004

By  K Sriram
December 6th, 2021

An Overview of World's First Microprocessor - INTEL 4004

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What is a zero-day vulnerability?

what is a zero-day vulnerability?

By  Shreya Chandra
September 29th, 2021

An interesting dive into the what's, when's and how's of Zero Day Vulnerabilities

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What We Do

what we do

By  Vishwa Mohan Tiwari and Laksh Sadhwani
September 25th, 2021

An introduction to all SIGs in IET NITK

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